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Helping you to find the benefits that you deserve.

There is help available for people with disabilities. Government SSDI benefits, assistive technology devices, special housing funds, home modifications, health benefits and others are all benefits which are available to the disABLED.

Let's begin to make a difference in your life.


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Why help is needed.

I hope you're finding this site to be informative. Many believe that caring for a disabled person (especially a child) is not only a service to the person receiving it but also the person giving it. Service allows the provider to lovingly step inside the shoes of the disabled individual, to in a way, feel more emphathy and love for those in need. Caregivers are a God send and by doing your best in giving love, hope, and service you are in the service of your God.

You're on this site seeking help for yourself or a loved one so you too may stand in financial need. You will not find a PLEASE DONATE button on this site. Instead, I think it would be a nice jesture that if you found this site informative, you would consider visiting one of the sponsors found throughout the site. They offer great products, information, as well as support. Visiting them will also benefit this site and further the work. I am also disabled and understand the need some folks require.

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